Definitely Not Fried Chicken allows you to experience the thrills of drug management from a unique perspective. Manage two sides of your business to acquire new “businesses”, meet clientele, and develop more powerful narcotics – all while earning lots of money and leaving behind destruction in each city.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken allows you to experience the thrills of drug management from a unique perspective. Manage two sides of your business to acquire new “businesses”, meet clientele, and develop more powerful narcotics – all while earning lots of money and leaving behind destruction in each city.

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Game Intro

Step into the Definitely Not Fried Chicken world and experience a unique business management simulation. Manage your burgeoning drug trade, using legitimate fronts to expand your reach – but don’t get caught! Experience this high-stakes balancing act today and see how far you can grow.

Generate success while leaving a lasting impact – acquire new businesses, meet influential clients, create powerful narcotics, and make financial gains.

DNFC invites you to step into the glitz and glamour of an ’80s sun-baked city, putting your business savvy to the ultimate test. Live out all that golden decade had to offer in a daring entrepreneurial challenge.


Create and customize your drug compound from scratch. Start small by acquiring plots of land near each other, then expand to create the ideal production line for your needs. Establishing efficient distribution routes is key to ensuring a successful operation.

Strengthen your facility’s security and deter any unauthorized individuals from entering. Explore the potential of growing enhanced varieties of marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine to further expand on product offerings.

Your great product is only the first step. To be successful, you also need a legitimate enterprise to market it from – and that requires skillfully constructing and managing your business front.

Game Guide

Expand your business operations beyond illegally sold goods by diversifying into new, legitimate ventures – like a Fried Chicken store in the right area. Each location has its unique market to explore and satisfy customer cravings.

Optimizing your workforce is the key to a successful business. Despite earning minimal wages, these dedicated individuals are capable of making remarkable impacts with their hard work and commitment.

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, so providing them with a comfortable and inviting workplace is essential. Having an adequately stocked break room can contribute to staff morale – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but think beyond just coffee machines and snack bars; put in some tables or comfy couches for restful lunches away from their desks.

Enhancing safety in the workplace is key to long-term staff retention. Investing in protective equipment like Definitely Not Fried Chicken ensures healthy, happy workforces that can stay with their employers longer. Start your empire in the illicit drug trade, with marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine as your flagship products! Don’t just settle for fried chicken; move up to something more profitable.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken: A High-Stakes Business Simulation

Definitely Not Fried Chicken Game

Traverse the blurred lines between legitimate enterprise and illicit activities with deftness by mastering how to balance the demanding tasks of managing both your apparent above-board businesses as well as covert criminal operations. Create the perfect drug compound and business front with customization options. Upgrade facilities, and staff equipment and improve product quality for increased profitability.

In “Stardew Valley,” players cultivate farms, fostering a sense of community. Similarly, “Definitely Not Fried Chicken” offers a communal space with its cozy atmosphere. Both provide immersive experiences, whether through farming or dining, fostering connections and enjoyment.

Unlock your business mogul potential and create a powerful empire! Design an expansive network of businesses, from fried chicken shops to laundromats to nightclubs. Manage each aspect diligently by hiring the right personnel who fit your vision; provide support for their wants and needs so they are inspired to do extraordinary work.


  • OS: Windows 10 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD FX Series Processor or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated Sound Card

Indulge in Crispy Goodness: Alternatives to Fried Chicken

So, you’re craving crispy chicken but not fried? Try air-fried or baked options. For juicy tenders, opt for homemade oven-fried chicken. Check out “Definitely Not Fried Chicken” Discord for cheats, tips, and guides. No workers slacking here! Enjoy your crispy oven-roasted poultry guilt-free.

In “Definitely Not Fried Chicken,” flavors burst without the guilt. Similarly, “My Gaming Club” offers endless excitement minus the calories. Both provide satisfaction without compromise, whether it’s taste or entertainment.

In my quest for the ultimate gaming experience, I stumbled upon “My Dream Setup Game.” Its immersive graphics and seamless gameplay transport me to another world. And when hunger strikes, I reach for “Definitely Not Fried Chicken,” a savory snack to fuel my adventures. Both offer escape and satisfaction, albeit in different forms.

In Conclusion

Definitely Not Fried Chicken offers a thrilling business management simulation that allows players to delve into the world of illicit activities while navigating the challenges of maintaining legitimate fronts. With opportunities to expand their empire, interact with influential figures, and maximize profits, players are invited to experience the allure of an ’80s-inspired city and test their entrepreneurial skills to the fullest. Step into this high-stakes world today and see how far you can rise.

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