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Floating Life 2

Floating Life 2 Free Download: Explore the wonders of Floating Life2, an immersive sandbox fairy quest! Help xiuxian Zong Gate battle their way through adventures and discover truths that have been hidden away. Immerse yourself in real-time interactions with NPCs and experience a story full of ups and downs as you shape your destiny.

Discover the secrets of an ever-changing world as you join Xiuxian Zong Gate and explore Floating Life 2. Progress through different maps, fight in thrilling real-time battles and build relationships with NPCs while uncovering the truth around every corner. A journey unlike anything else awaits – are you ready?

Embrace a buoyant lifestyle with “Floating Life 2.” Explore serene existence and drifting experiences in this weightless journey. Need help? Consult the wiki or seek advice on Reddit. Customize your gameplay with mods and enjoy a tranquil living in the boneyard. Dive into the game and immerse yourself in a floating life.

Game Intro

Explore a vibrant and dynamic world in the fantasy sandbox game, Floating Life 2: 99 Songlines! Craft your custom character with unique attributes before venturing out into an expansive adventure map filled with NPCs waiting to be interacted with. Engage in exciting turn-based battles as you uncover secrets of this enchanted realm – what mysteries await?

Journey through the world of Floating Life 2 and explore an ever-changing landscape. Progress from humble outer gate disciple to revered leader as you make your way up in different schools of Xiuxian Zongmen, fighting off enemies at each turn. Embark on a thrilling voyage that will take you beyond borders and challenge ranks.

Floating Life 2 brings players an unforgettable journey of exploring the mysterious changes in their game world. Along this path to understanding, they must navigate through a web of lies as well as uncover hidden truths that could ultimately shape their destiny.

Floating Life 2 Gameplay:

Experience a mythical adventure in Floating Life 2 with two expansive maps to explore- the Ancient Wilderness and Tianyuan State. Sidle past bustling towns, uncover powerful skills from Zen door worshipers, and level up your strength on an exhilarating journey.

Unravel the secrets of Floating Life 2 with glimpses into a dynamically evolving world, scattered villages waiting to be explored, and strong enemies lurking in their midst. Discover ancient treasures as you delve deeper into this hidden copy of an enchanting secret realm.

Step into the world of Floating Life 2 and make a few acquaintances. Bargain for spiritual stones, befriend others with an open heart, or revel in unchecked criminal activity; whatever your choice, explore this game’s enhanced NPC interaction system to experience real stories between strangers within the virtual realm.

Game Guide

The production group behind Floating Life 2 has created an immersive world for players to explore, with a vibrant main storyline and nearly 300 random events. Players can also choose from 30 side plots, where they’ll interact with characters that inhabit this virtual realm of adventure – all while uncovering 200,000 words worth of story text! It’s sure to be an experience like no other.

Effortless living embodies an ethereal lifestyle, like a floating sensation in a carefree existence. Just as in “Floating Life 2,” where the seamless flow of life unfolds. Download the app for Android and explore the game’s multiple endings. Learn about managed floating, floating homes, and floating charges for a deeper understanding.

After pouring their hearts and souls into the project, a new world awaits eager adventurers. Break into the Alchemy Workshop or unwind at your local tavern – just make sure you have time left over to explore all of Floating Life 2’s hidden mysteries! With its engaging narrative twists and NPCs with stories waiting for discovery, this sequel will take gamers on an unforgettable journey full of surprises around every corner.

Unleash Epic Battles: The Evolution of Combat in Floating Life 2

Floating Life 2 Game

The embers have been reignited! After months of hard work, the forging workshop is back in action with an upgraded equipment system – ready for players to take their chances and craft gear like never before. For those seeking a bit more excitement, why not try your luck at the Colosseum? Test your strength against fierce Spirit Beasts that could reward you bountiful rewards if played correctly. Prepare yourselves, adventurers – Floating Life 2: Ninety-Nine Songs beckons.

“Floating Life 2” introduces the sprocket, an essential component for efficient machine operation. This device synchronizes various parts, enabling smooth movement and functionality. The sprocket’s inclusion enhances gameplay, providing players with a deeper understanding of mechanical intricacies within the game world.

In the thrilling world of Floating Life 2, players can experience a battle system transformed by an innovative turn-based combat mechanic. Unleash your skills in precisely chosen combos to defeat hordes of new foes with wildly differing powers and abilities! Recreate epic fights as you traverse ever more formidable battlefields — where every victory is yours alone.

Sect Ascendancy: Power and Strategy in Floating Life 2

In Floating Life 2, ascendency in the sect system brings players more power and authority. From disciple management to sect conflict resolution, from task assignment to power expansion – each player can experience the joy of being an active participant in a growing organization while cultivating immortality! It’s not just about violence here; clever strategizing is needed too as you learn how fascinatingly complex it all is.

“Floating Life 2” takes players into a captivating virtual world, offering new adventures and challenges. As they explore the “New World,” they’ll encounter exciting quests and experiences, adding depth and excitement to their gaming journey.

Thank you for asking about “Lost in Random” and “Floating Life 2.” These are both immersive games that offer unique experiences. “Floating Life 2” transports players to a serene virtual world, while “Lost in Random” challenges them to navigate a mysterious and unpredictable adventure.


  • OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel Graphics Series
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


Floating Life 2 offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience where players can engage in upgraded crafting mechanics, thrilling turn-based combat, and strategic sect management. With its diverse gameplay features and challenges, players are encouraged to prepare themselves for an adventure filled with excitement and strategic depth.

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